Strigoi and Blood Drinkers

There are two different kinds of vampires: the Strigoi are mostly female–male Strigoi are rare. The Strigoi are spellcasters who can put enchantments on people to make them willing victims. The most powerful ones can also also shapeshift into animals. They look like ordinary humans but when they are outdoors in sunlight they have to keep every inch of their skin covered. This makes them conspicuous so they typically only go out doors during cloudy weather. They don’t sleep during the day. Their type of vampirism can be passed to another through their bite, but they only turn someone as 1. An act of vengeance or 2. To gain a mate

The Strigoi are a self regulated society and there are laws about turning people. One law states that when a Strigoi turns someone as an act of vengeance, they then have to train and protect the newborn vampire they created. If not for this, the hot tempered Strigoi would be creating newborns left and right. This would lead to war with the humans, and being outnumbered the Strigoi would not win.

The second type are the non magical blood drinkers. Unlike the Strigoi, the blood drinkers are not immortal. They are allergic to sunlight and they live in caves and in the Dark Forest. Their vampirism is genetic, it can only be inherited–the blood drinkers cannot turn others.

They have a primitive society with little technology. They have no contact with humans other than the ones they hunt. The blood drinkers sleep during the day and hunt at night.

They have large pointed ears and large eyes well suited to seeing in the dark. Their features are cat like–slanted eyes with a vertical iris. Their bodies are hairy. They can walk upright but they usually creep and crawl on their hands and feet as they hunt. When they are chasing prey they can move very quickly on all fours and they are excellent climbers; often leaping on to unsuspecting prey. They will hunt both humans and animals–they don’t have a preference–whatever is available. When they have caught something they will howl so the rest of their hunting party will be able to find them and take part in the kill. They live in clans–each clan has a ruling family.

Princess Chioni is a Strigoi and she saves her friend Artemisia from a blood drinker attack in the dark Forest.

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