Vito Silva (Spoiler alert) Character outline


Birth Name: Giovanni Constantini

Alias: Vito Silva

Age: 46

Place of birth: Comasina area of Northern Milan

Current location: deceased

Nationality: Italian

Education: 8th grade

Occupation: former handyman

Income: As Don Constantini $50 million per year.

As a handyman his income was around $37 thousand per year


eye color: green

hair style: salt and pepper

build: athletic

He has scars from his childhood on the streets and from his boxing days.

preferred outfit: three piece suit, but in disguise he wore jeans or overalls most of the time.

non prescription glasses, part of the disguise.

Smokes pipe, uses cane, wears silver necklace

Untidy but clean

Confident, powerful strides

Fast, walks at a clip


Speaks Italian, a lot of slang and curse words. Hand talker, gestures often.

Compulsive “hand-talker”

Catch phrase: Fuggetabbatit!

Direct eye contact

Son: Joseph Silva

Granddaughter: Ze’eva Smith

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