Dr Joseph Silva: Character outline

Name: Giuseppe Constantini/Joseph Silva

Age: 35

Place of birth: Comasina, Italy

Current location: Elephant Island

Nationality: Italian

Education: Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc, DMedSc)

He received his degree from International Medical School, University of Milan.
4 years undergrad bachelor

6 years medical school

4 years residency

2-6 year fellowship on staff doctor learning from another doctor in the field of oncology.

Occupation: Head of Research at Origen Research Facility

Income: $84,810


eye color? Green
hair style? Black, neatly trimmed
Build? Tall and athletic, toned, he jogs and exercises regularly

preferred outfit:

White lab coat, button down shirt and tie, slacks and wing tip shoes. He always dresses in high quality clothes.

accessories are ALWAYS associated with him🌂Silver chain, and jewelry, he likes flashy bling.

usual level of grooming Smart, very put together

Health 🏥 He is very healthy, he exercises daily and eats right. Lots of fruits and vegetables, grains, very little red meat. He eats a lot of seafood

handwriting ✍ Unintelligible, he is a doctor after all. He prefers to dictate letters and have someone else type them. A secretary, always female.

Walk 👣
Confident, powerful strides
Lazy stroll
Fast, walks at a clip


Depends on the situation and who he is speaking to
style of his speech (elevated, educated, peppered with slang, etc.)He is a chameleon, in personality, so again it depends on who he is talking to.

he speaks Italian and English with an Italian accent.


Stiff, military
Casual and relaxed
Only when agitated or eager
Compulsive “hand-talker”
Controlled, only to make a point

Direct eye contact, but he can pretend to be shy when it suits him
preferred curse word He doesn’t curse and he despises people who do, he finds it vulgar

catchphrase “My dear” “Mia Caro”

Sense of humor

He has a deep and pleasant laugh, one that encourages people to laugh with him.


Very even, white teeth. He smiles often.


He seems to be easy to read; but he really isn’t. He lets people see what he wants them to see.

He wanted to be a doctor ever since his mother became ill with bone cancer. He wanted to not only cure disease but eradicate it.

organizations and clubs at school

Sports ⚽
Drama 🎭

role models growing up👨‍👦

His role models were his parents and his older cousin Luigi. Later he admired the fictional character Victor Frankenstein

greatest regret He would probably say he doesn’t have any. Everything he has done has been for the greater good, if other people are too narrow minded to see that, well that is their problem.

his hobbies growing up ⛳

Conducting experiments on animals he trapped, trying to learn about how they were put together.

Favorite place to be as a child:

Hunting in the woods.

saddest memory:

The death of his parents. He uses this and other stories to make people drop their guard around him.

happiest memory:

Graduating from medical school

skeletons in the closet: 💀 He killed his father.

three adjectives to describe him as a child:

Charming, polite, active

What advice would he give to his younger self? Don’t get caught.

his criminal record. ⚖:

Inhumane Experiments

Father 👨 Giovanni Constantini/Vito Silva
Age: Deceased
Occupation: Former mob boss; handy man
relationship: Good early on. Vito cursed him when he realized Joseph had poisoned him with cancer meds

Mother 👩 Guilia Constantini
Occupation: Wife and Mother
relationship: they were very close, her death from cancer affected him deeply.

Children 👶 Zee’va Smith; Aysha Murphy; dozens of unnamed hybrid “children”

Ages: Zee is 20, Aysha is 25
Occupation: Zee is an exotic dancer; Aysha is a high school music teacher

Relationship: Complicated

Extended family 👴
Grandparents: unknown
Uncles and aunts: unknown
Cousins: Luigi Constantini

his family’s economic status? 💰 Wealthy

his closest friends

When he was growing up he was best friends with his cousin Luigi Constantini

How he is perceived by:

strangers in the street? A bit aloof; he only speaks to people when he has a reason to

acquaintances at a work function? Respected, likeable, charming, never awkward, he always seems to know the right things to say.

colleagues in the office? Slightly intimidated by him, he has a bit of a ruthless reputation

authority figures? They see him as trustworthy

friends in his friend circles? A little afraid of him

Children? Children don’t like him much
the opposite sex? Attractive; he is a notorious womanizer

How he would fill out an online dating profile for himself ✨ Suave Italian doctor seeking women who enjoy high culture and the finer things in life. Seeking adventurous women who aren’t afraid to experiment.

his role in a group dynamic 💡

Email response time 📨 He responds to emails promptly, nearly always the same day, even if it won’t be resolved that day, he will send a response saying that he read it. Unless he is angry or irritated at the person, then he will ghost them and won’t usually tell them why. He is a gaslighter.

Relationships Physical intimacy on his terms; also convenience–he wants them available when he wants, and he expects to be given space when he wants.

Part 3: The Core

on rainy days

Lounges in front of the fire with a special someone(s)

Street-smart or book-smart: both

An optimist or pessimist: optimist

Introverted or Extroverted: Extroverted

Favorite place in the world? 🌎 Italy and New York

What does he want the most? 🔍 Power, fortune and fame.

What’s his biggest strength? Being able to read people very quickly and charm them.

What’s his biggest fear? Failure, being ordinary

What is his biggest accomplishment? 📈 Successful creation of viable altered embryos. The research is currently secret because it breaks several international laws.

What’s his favorite quote? 👌 From Mary Shelley Frankenstein

Do he want to be remembered? What for? ⌚ Medical and scientific breakthroughs

How does he approach:
Power? He desires it

Ambition? He is very ambitious

Love? He is a psychopath and not truly capable of love; he mistakes lust for love at times

Change? He embraces change and even encourages a little chaos at times, to amuse himself.

What (or who) bores them? 💤 People tend to bore him quickly

What makes them angry? 💢 People who cross him

What does he look for in a person? How he can use that person for his own objectives, needs and wants.

How strong is his moral compass? When, specifically, is he willing to compromise his morals?

There doesn’t seem to be anything he wouldn’t compromise, but here is where he gets complicated; he thinks he always works for the greater good and he is the altruistic hero of the story–he is convincing because he actually believes it himself. He sees himself as Molly’s knight in shining armor.

List the last 10 books he read. 📚

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
Mein Kempf
How to Win Friends and Influence People
7 Habits of Highly Motivated People

Which fictional world would he most wish to visit?

Frankenstein’s lab to learn all of his secrets

List the 10 songs that would occupy his All-Time Most Played playlist


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