How To Get Rid Of A Poltergeist: Part Two


My mom was happy that I was making new friends already. She said that Jack and Kevin could spend the night. It took them a long time to convince their mom to let them spend the night.

We laid our sleeping bags down on the floor. “I bet this was Ben’s room,” Kevin said.

I was expecting to see strange things happen, but nothing did. We played video games until we got tired. It was nearly 3 am before we laid down to sleep. I was just starting to drift off to sleep when I felt the room start to get colder. My eyes popped open, and I looked over at Jack and Kevin. Their eyes were open. “It’s cold in here.” Kevin whispered, “Why is it so cold?”

Jack opened his mouth to say something, but then his eyes went wide. He was looking at something in the corner; I watched his gaze travel up. He turned pale. Kevin was looking the same direction; his jaw dropped. I turned slowly to look.

In the corner by the window, halfway up the wall, floating–was a boy about my age. The air grew colder; I could see my breath in the air. I could see through him; to the Tom Brady poster on the wall.

The boy looked furious, and he was glaring at all of us. “B–Benjamin?” I whispered with a shaky voice.

His fierce gaze snapped to mine. “GET. OUT. OF. MY HOUSE!!” Benjamin screamed, his mouth wide open. He cried again, wordlessly; this time, a mighty wind kicked up from that corner of the room. He pointed at us, “GET. OUT.” My stuff started flying around the room and hitting us. We jumped up and ran for the door. I yelled for my parents.

My parents ran out of their room with concerned looks on their faces. “Mom, there was a ghost in my room.” I grabbed her hand and pulled her to my room. She looked in and saw the mess, but the ghost was gone.

“Jake,” She said, turning to me and rubbing her temples. “Clean up this mess. I’m taking your friends back home.” She shook her head.

My mouth dropped. “You don’t believe me? I didn’t make this mess.” I turned to look at Jack and Kevin, “Back me up!”

They nodded. “Yeah, we saw it too, a ghost threw the stuff all over the room.”

“Stop!” my dad said in a harsh tone. “If you are going to fill my son’s head with ghost stories and lies, then he can’t be friends with you.”

My mom called Jack, and Kevin’s mom explained what happened and drove them home.

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