Midnight Inferno, by Saam King


When fated mates collide.

As king of the werewolves, Damen Lykourgos and his pack have been tasked with protecting the human world against evil. For hundreds of years, he has lost loved ones in battle and the responsibility of keeping everyone safe weighs heavily. Leading a pack alone without his fated mate is a heavy burden, one Damen wonders if he can continue to bear alone.

Selene is done being the pushover her family has groomed her to be. Jaded from years of shoving her own ambitions aside, she’s determined to accept an invitation to work for Lykourgos Investments. Working for the smoldering, enigmatic CEO, Damen, introduces her to a dangerous and seductive world she didn’t know existed

When sparks fly between them, Selene must decide if the passion she has finally found is worth the responsibility of being Damen’s queen. Surrounded by threats, can they keep the pack and the world safe? Or will they fail and lose everything?

Midnight Inferno is the 1st book in the Bloodthirsty Series by Saam King. This sizzling story of an alpha werewolf finding his mate is a paranormal romance.

First, let me say that I liked this story, and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

At first, it was difficult for me to get interested in this story. I’ve read a few erotic paranormal stories, and this one seemed to start out the same, with nothing to set it apart from every other book in the genre. But as I kept reading, the author’s unique style began to emerge, and then the compelling B side of the story emerged, which kept me turning pages because I wanted to, not just to complete this review. It was like being on a train rolling downhill. Slow start, but before long we were gaining speed, and whipping around sharp corners through dazzling scenery.


In my own words: A young woman, Selene, changes everything about her life after an unexpected and devastating break-up. She moves several states away from her family, living on her own for the first time.

Selene takes a new job as assistant to Damen Lykourgos, the CEO of a financial firm, Lykourgos Investments. He is smitten from the moment he meets Selene, and actively pursues her. Selene resists at first, but she is soon as in love with Damen as he is with her. The Lykourgos family has a few secrets, as Selene is soon to discover, as her sanity, and then her life, are placed in jeopardy by the family’s unusual history.

The beginning was intriguing, but I felt it lacked resolution as the story rushed ahead to the first meeting between Damen and Selene. This fits with Saam King’s style though, here is where the thrilling runaway train ride begins, so I can forgive her for the loose ends, I’m sure it will be wrapped up in the following books in the series.

I recommend this book, it has all the earmarks of a great erotic story: steamy scenes, competing rivals, and a surprising intriguing B story which I won’t spoil for you.

Midnight Inferno is available on Kindle:


Midnight Inferno cover

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