Birdseye View Consultants

Lukeither Willingham, MBA

CEO & Operations Manager

An expert at taking a birds-eye view of an organization and its products, supply chain, and management to identify issues and ascertain a total quality management strategy.

With 15 years of technology experience, she is a respected expert in her field. Based in Atlanta, Ms. Willingham has worked with some top names in the entertainment industry.

As a passionate environmentalist, she actively seeks to solve environmental issues by volunteering with non-profit organizations.


What business challenges and needs exist that, if addressed, would transform your business and help your life? A business plan, setting up your LLC, or consultation? We can help YOU.


We use our knowledge, tools, resources, proven strategies, a collaborative ecosystem, and networks to elevate value and applicability in the services we deliver.

Business Plan Writing & Consulting

What needs exist that, if addressed, would transform your business by 10x or even 1000x? Most clients hire us to compose a business plan, also known as a growth document for them.

Business Credit & Investment Management

The perfect fit. We specialize in diagnosis and providing investment advice to business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets.

Contact Info

Lukeither Willingham, CEO

(888) 581-8077

2450 Camellia Ln NE #2513

Atlanta, GA 30324

Birds Eye View 

A business consulting firm located in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. In general–What we do is simple, we take a birds-eye view of our clients’ company, products, and the industry to identify a strategic business plan. 

Lukeither Willingham, MBA
CEO & Operations Manager